SEATTLE, Wash. (April 6 2021) — Adaptively, an online education program offering tutoring and enrichment for students 1st through 8th grades, is announcing today that they are releasing gamification into their offerings as a supplemental learning and motivational tool. A newer option for parents seeking convenient and customized enrichment education, Adaptively is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology while also giving students the caring touch of teachers who connect with small groups for live lessons.

“Students are no strangers to technology and video games, so they naturally are drawn to gamification platforms. These platforms are attractive to students, as we all learn best when given multi-sensory experiences. Engaged learners stay motivated and retain more,” said Hao Lam, Adaptively’s owner and founder. These games tap into research of learning standards and motivation. The motivational psychology involved in game-based learning allows students to engage with educational materials in a playful and dynamic way. Research is showing it works. Lam stated, “Years of data have shown that expertly designed digital games can significantly increase a learner’s outcomes.”

After a difficult last year for students amidst the COVID-19 disruptions to schooling, Adaptively understands children could use an extra dose of motivation, and tools such as educational games to make learning fun again. Tina Cardoso, Adaptively’s Marketing Director, shared her excitement as a team member but also seeing the value as a parent herself, “Games will automatically unlock after specific lessons, so your child can enhance comprehension and skills. These games will reward your child for a job well done, making learning more fun and less of a chore!”

Current and new students will have immediate access to the educational games, and this supplement is an included value in the class enrollment. Dedicated to a creative learning model, Adaptively seeks to provide accessible learning that is inclusive of learners’ needs based on the best education practices while being fun for students to help them develop a love for learning.